A celebration of 70 years of leadership
in integrated learning, exploration and empathy

Fulbright Japan 70周年祝辞

70th Anniversary
Congratulatory Address




For 70 years, some of the brightest minds in America and Japan have strengthened our Alliance and our friendship through participation in the Fulbright Program. We count among Fulbright alumni leaders in government, business, academia, and the arts and sciences.

I believe firmly that Fulbright’s original purpose to promote international goodwill through the exchange of students has never been more necessary than it is today. Despite the advent of connective technologies that give us unprecedented access to tomes of information, whether a manuscript written centuries ago or a tweet posted moments ago, nothing can replace people-to-people connections. Fulbright students, scholars, and researchers build, person by person, a foundation of understanding that enables peace and prosperity through shared principles and values.

While milestone anniversaries like this one provide an opportunity to reflect on 70 years of Fulbright success, it is also a pivotal moment to chart the way forward for the future. Thanks to the commitment of active Fulbrighters and alumni, MEXT and MOFA colleagues, Fulbright Commission members, and the Japan-U.S. Educational Commission Secretariat, I have the utmost confidence Fulbright will continue to change lives—in both our countries—for decades to come.


フィリップ ロスキャンプ

Philip Roskamp

Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs Embassy of the United States of America