A celebration of 70 years of leadership
in integrated learning, exploration and empathy

Fulbright Japan 70周年祝辞

70th Anniversary
Congratulatory Address





This year marks a significant milestone as it is the 70th anniversary of the launch of the Japan-United States Fulbright Program.

Over the years, Japan and the U.S. have collaborated closely not only in the field of security but also in a wide range of areas, including economy, culture and people-to-people exchanges.

Throughout the history of our collaboration, Japan and the U.S. have continued to pass on the vision of Senator J. William Fulbright, that people-to-people exchanges are the most effective means to promote world peace. I believe that the Japan-U.S. Fulbright Program has played and will play an invaluable role as a driving force for further strengthening the bonds between the two countries.

I would like to pay my respects to the efforts of those involved in the program for the past 70 years. It is my sincere hope that people-to-people exchanges developed through this program will form the bedrock of increasingly deepening friendship between our two countries and serve as robust Kakehashi (bridges), which will consolidate Japan-U.S. relations for years to come.

森 健良

MORI Takeo

Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan